What is React Router, Why use it, and How?

Learn about why and how React Router is a fully featured client and server side routing library.

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This post is part of the tutorial series titled React Router 6 Tutorials from Beginner to Advance

What is react router

React Router is a fully featured client and server side routing library for ReactJS Framework.

It is used to create link between web pages and components in React JS and to navigate between different urls that make up a web application.

It also provides unique urls for different React components in the app and makes it easy to share the User Interface (UI).

React Router package is mostly required and comes in handy when you're building a medium to large scale React application.

In this tutorial lessons, you'll learn everything you need to know to work effectively with React Router.

Topics to learn in React Router 6

In this tutorial series, you will learn:

  • Configure Routes in a React Application
  • Navigate on button click
  • Navigatie programmatically
  • Dynamic routes
  • Nested routes route parameters
  • Lazy loading Authentication

By the end of the series you'll have a solid understanding of the various features React Router provides and you'll be comfortable building medium to large scale react apps.

Prerequisites to learn React Router 6

Before we start, to follow the series, it is expected you know the fundamentals of React JS as well as React Hooks.

If you are new to React JS, please make sure to go through the fundamentals of React and the React Hooks series.

All right, with this in mind. You can proceed to the next lesson.

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